Ways to Conquer Constipation

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We have all suffered from constipation at one time or another. An occasional episode of constipation is normal when it is brief and easily resolved. If constipation happens frequently and continues until you have intervened with a remedy, it is time to take a look at your lifestyle choices. Prevention is the best cure for constipation.

Here are some tips for preventing constipation:

* Drink plenty of water: We hear this time and time again in reference to living a healthier life. Our cells need hydration to stay well. Drinking one half of your body weight in ounces of water is ideal. For example, if you weigh one hundred and fifty pounds, you should drink seventy five ounces of water a day. You will find that this will not only help with constipation, it will boost your metabolism and energy, making it easier to lose weight and exercise. Commit to it for one week and see what kind of difference it makes in your life.

* Make good food choices: With the busy lives we all live, convenience has become the word of the day. Packaged, processed food or fast food have become all too common as the core of our diets. Ditch the unhealthy foods for fresh foods high in vitamins like fruits and vegetables. Raw vegetables are the best for constipation and they will also give you fiber in your diet that you definitely need to prevent constipation. Whole wheat breads and cerals are another good choice to up your fiber intake.

* Get moving: Exercise does not have to hurt to be effective. Of course, the more exercise, the better for your health. But even a thirty minute walk several days a week will bring you serious benefit. If you can't do thirty minutes, start out with ten and work your way up. Getting up and moving will definitely help to lessen your chances of becoming constipated.

Following these easy tips to prevent constipation will keep you from having to deal with the uncomfortable and sometimes painful experience. When constipation is ongoing, or if you notice blood in your stool, you should consult your doctor to rule out a more serious condition.

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Ways to Conquer Constipation

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This article was published on 2010/03/29