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Constipation is just one of the city life problems that are rapidly growing. Stress and a overly packed schedule are some of the reasons why most of the people are suffering from this dilemma. Some of the symptoms that commonly occur to a person with constipation problems are the difficulty to have a bowl movement once in a day, pain in the abdomen, constant headaches, and wind formation. There are times that extreme symptoms arise like the instance of having vertigo, fever, drowsiness, hypertension, aching in the legs, and having an uncomfortable feeling overall.

Anyway, there is nothing to fuss about because constipation has occurred to most of the people more than one time in their lifetime. So you have to understand why it happens for you to fix this problem. There are lots of reasons that one can end up with constipation, which includes eating habit that are not on time, and eating the wrong food.

Junk food is one of the best examples so it would be wise to give these up. It is best to eat well cooked foods that are made with good hygiene. In the event that you are a vegetarian, quit for a while because bacteria found in the food may also be leading to constipation. Uncooked foods such as salad and corn that is grilled in charcoal can also be an additional culprit. Also, check on your lifestyle, if you get less sleep or always sleep late, getting stressed out at your work or maybe a personal problem that you cannot handle could be contributing to the problem. Excess smoking, too much tea and coffee or taking some medications will definitely lead you to potential bowel problems.

Check all the mentioned reasons above and select the ones that reflect you and act accordingly. You may want to try some of these home remedies to see if they help. If the problem does not correct itself be sure to see you Doctor.

Before going to bed, drink warm milk.

If it is an unceasing constipation that you are experiencing, then try adding a couple of spoonful castor oil into the warm milk before drinking it. Try this probably on a day-off.

Do not overeat. Eat only three to four times a day and eat only if you are hungry.

Upon waking up, you must drink six to eight glasses of water, and make sure it is warm. This is said to move the bowels and results to normal stools.

Make a lemon juice with warm water and drink it from time to time. Avoid adding salt or even sugar.

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Home Remedies For Constipation

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This article was published on 2010/03/29