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It is definitely embarrassing, and most people don't really want to discuss it, but there are a lot of folks that need help with constipation (I used to be one of them). It's something that is incredibly uncomfortable, and can lead to more serious health conditions.

Symptoms of constipation include having infrequent bowel movements, a lot of straining when attempting to have a bowel movement, or feeling that your bowels are not emptied after a bowel movement. Although, technically its not considered a disease, it is BY FAR, the most common complaint that people have, as far as digestion is concerned.

There are tons of reasons why you may be feeling constipated. The more common ones are a poor diet, you may be dehydrated, stress, or some kind of medication that you are taking. I think in my particular case, it was a combination of several of those things. Some basic techniques which you can apply to your lifestyle can help alleviate some of the discomfort of constipation, however I strongly encourage you to look at colon cleansing for a stronger, more potent solution.

But a simple change to your diet could help improve your condition. Eat foods that naturally have a high fiber like wheat bread, cereal, granola, etc.... are wonderful. But, also you might want to think about decreasing the foods that you eat, which are very low in fiber, like cheese, milk, yogurt, etc....

It never hurts to increase the amount of water that you drink. Water is essentially like the WD-40 of your digestive tract. You need to grease the wheels for the track to run. That's what water does. You could also do some more exercising which has been shown to help with constipation.

These are all wonderful things you can do to prevent constipation. However, if you already have constipation the best thing you can do is attack the source, head on: The Colon. A colon cleansing cleans out your colon from all the toxins that caused the constipation in the first place.

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Randy Michaels is not some fancy-schmancy doctor. He is just someone who has had to deal with severe constipation in his life. He has tried hundreds of "can't miss" products. The only one that has ever worked for him is Bowtrol. You can see exactly what he did to cure his constipation. Find out from someone who has actually tried the product, before you buy.

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Help With Constipation

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This article was published on 2010/03/26